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The Pilates method is one of the most successful physical conditioning and rehabilitative exercise programs since its conception by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s.  Pilates helps to improve flexibility and strength with a series of controlled movements that engage your body and mind.  It promotes physical balance, control and coordination to enhance and attain individual health and fitness goals.

What we do:

Body Integration has a full range of Pilates and weight training equipment  i.e., Reformer, Tower, low chair, spine corrector barrel, and a variety of small apparatuses to fulfill all your physical needs.

We offer private sessions and group classes.  Our sessions are available to all fitness levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced).

Who we are at Body Integration:

With over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry, Jaime Bruce has had the pleasure to work with an incredible variety of clientele ranging from the extreme athlete to rehabilitating clients back to health.  She specializes in post rehabilitation, athletes, and individual fitness goals by combining the Pilates method of exercise and other forms of functional fitness techniques.

Courtney Upshaw discovered Pilates in 2004 where she owed a Pilates Studio, Pilates Soul in Miami Florida.  She has recently relocated her Miami practice to Denver.  She began her passion for physical movement and health years ago through her love of sports.  Growing up in Connecticut, she is an All-American athlete and played basketball at Penn State University.   She is experienced in working with all clients; children, athletes, back injuries, prenatal and postpartum.   Her philosophy is grounded in helping clients focus on the principals and fundamentals of Pilates.

Weight Loss Management now at Body Integration Studio

What is Weight Loss Specialist?

An expert in proper nutrition and weight loss strategies that will help you embrace losing weight, building muscle, decreasing body fat, and improving overall health with a healthier lifestyle and achieving long-term success.

Why a Weight Loss Specialist?

WE ARE THE MOST OBESE NATION ON THE PLANET! 1 out of every 3 people are considered obese.   Obesity is the number one cause of: cardio vascular disease, diabetes, and multiple other illnesses.

What We Do?

Your first initial appointment will consist of consultation on diet, exercise program and body assessments.

Apply the most up to date, most respected, weight loss guidelines and training methodologies

Identifying the psychological aspect of weight loss

Recognizing plateaus and strategies to overcome them

Recommendations for portion control and breaking barriers

Dispel common weight loss myths

Modify individual weight loss programs to the needs of the client

Create positive reinforcement to help the client meet his/her goals

Why Body Integration?

With a combination of over 28 plus years of experience in the fitness industry, our specialists can take you from the start of a weight loss program to success.


Loss 1.5 to 2 lbs per week per the national guidelines for recommended healthy weight loss

Weekly assessments on diet and progress

More energetic, healthier lifestyle

How to Begin?

Please call 720-219-1001 or email bodyintegrationstudio@gmail.com for more information or to set up your first appointment