Healthy Skin Formula

VitaMedica Healthy Skin Formula Supplement Formulated with vitamins, minerals and botanicals to address skin health internally and promote a clear complexion. Healthy Skin Formula provides a natural alternative to acne medications which can have potent activity but may have significant … Continued

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Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

VitaMedica Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Our comprehensive two-part formula includes a broad range of vitamins and minerals at higher levels than most “one-a-days”. Simplify your supplement regimen with our high-potency Multi-Vitamin & Mineral.  Kit includes Energy Support and Bone Support. … Continued

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VitaMedica Probiotic-8 Gas, bloating, constipation and other digestive problems affect many of us on a regular basis.  Diet and lifestyle are often to blame.  But, antibiotics, routinely prescribed after surgery or for acne treatment, kill both bad and good intestinal … Continued

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Super EPA/DHA Fish Oil

VitaMedica Super EPA/DHA Fish Oil Tap into the age old benefits of a diet rich in Omega-3s. Whether you can’t fit salmon into your weekly meals or worry about the mercury content of ocean farmed fish, our high-potency EPA/DHA formula … Continued

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