Skin Toners

_MG_0166What is a skin toner? A toner is a product that does a myriad of duties. It can help to balance out the pH of the skin, help to rid the skin of any residue left behind from cleansing, act as a “base” for the next skin care steps to follow, enhance hydration, and it can be used as a acne fighting agent. So, do you need a toner and if so, where do toners fit in to your regimen? It all depends on your skin type:

For people with very oily skin, using a harsh toner can have a negative impact on your skin and actually cause you to become more oily. If your skin is stripped of oil, your body may compensate by producing more oil. However, if you use the right toner, you can gently keep your oil production in check and effectively keep your skin clean.

If your skin is dry, using a gentle hydrating toner is the way to go. It’s a great way to infuse hydration into the skin and get your skin prepped for your treatment products.

If you have acne or are acne prone, a toner can be a great way to keep the acne causing bacteria at bay, especially if you use it in between washing your face, such as after working out.

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