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Hydrating Orange Blossom Toner / Neroli Mist




skinRx skin care Hydrating Orange Blossom Toner / Neroli Mist*

This hydrating mist gently infuses much-needed moisture into the skin and gives it a younger, refreshed, glowing appearance. Aloe Vera calms the skin and minimizes inflammation, while Neroli Floral Water, extracted from orange blossoms, refreshes and helps preserve the skin’s natural moisture. Recommended for dry, mature or aging skin.

Product Benefits:

  • Helps preserve skin’s natural moisture
  • Calms skin and helps reduce inflammation
  • Soothes and refreshes the skin

Application: Mist all over face and neck after daily cleansing, or mist as needed to hydrate and revive skin during the day.

5.1 fl. oz.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID setbacks, some of our custom private label products will not have the skinRx label for the time being and will have different names. Rest assured they are still the same custom, wonderful formulations only available at skinRx! The “Hydrating Orange Blossom Toner” is renamed “Neroli Mist”.


Ingredients: Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower Water (Neroli)*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera)*, Colloidal Silver, Glycerin*, Avena Sativa Kernel Extract (Oat)*, Ethylhexylglycerin*. *Plant Derived


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