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Peptide Lotion for Acne with CBD


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skinRx Peptide Lotion for Acne with CBD

This powerful anti-inflammatory lotion with CBD helps improve even the most stubborn, cystic acne. Special acne-fighting ingredients target the reduction of inflammation to allow the immune system to begin healing acne pustules. Bioactive peptides harness the healing power to treat and repair acne scarring. Gently exfoliates skin and assists in skin cell turnover while improving skin tone, texture, and even helps to diminish fine lines!

Usage Instructions:
Smooth over clean skin during the day and at bedtime to reduce acne blemishes, even cystic acne.

1 fl. oz.



Ingredients: Distilled water, cyclomethicone, dimethicone copolyol, vegetable glycerin, caprylic/capric triglycerides, cetyl alcohol, L-lactic acid, L-retinol, beeswax, ceteryl alcohol, shea butter, L-pentapeptides, squalene (olive), idebenone, niacinimide, acetyl-glutathione, vinca minor, viola tricolor, bellis perennis, glyceryl stearate, D-beta-fructan, D-beta-glucosamine, xanthan gum, jasmine alcohol, vanilla, ylang ylang, lemon and rosewood essential oils.


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